Implemented projects

During the work we have implemented various projects including:

Tax consulting and financial audit of:

  • Production plants

Several steel structure engineering and producing companies, a number of aircraft overhaul plants, machine manufacturing plant, multi-purpose metal works production plant

  • Construction companies

A large construction group of the North-West, construction companies with different profiles

  • Food production companies

Frozen food production plant, café chain with branches across cities of Russia

Retail holdings with affiliate chains across Russia

  • Leasing companies
  • A number of investment companies and funds under their control

Audit in accordance with international standards (IFRS, GAAP) and transformation of Russian (RAS) accounting standard into international standards:

  • International restaurant chain branches
  • A branch of the international chain specialized in labeling equipment sales and maintenance
  • A branch of the hi-tech equipment dealing chain
  • A representative office of a successful multinational IT company
  • A branch of the multinational medical equipment dealing chain
  • A branch of the multinational cosmetics dealing chain
  • A construction company
  • management companies by mutual investment funds

In case you would like to learn more about our projects we will be more than happy to provide reference letters and other related info.